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Who We Are

Thahseel Service For Transaction Follow Up is established for serving the people with high quality service. Thahseel is the final destination for all your document clearing requirements. We offer all kinds of important online and offline document services to help the customers to meet their needs and have peace of mind while we are doing the service.

Document clearing services are often time consuming and unbearable for the busy life we are having these days. Long list of procedures can make you fed up with the services that you use. Don't worry, we have the solution you are seeking. At Thahseel, we take care of the document clearing process on behalf our customers and you can have your peace of mind while we deal with these tasks successfully for you.

Our Vision

Our vision at Thahseel is offering easiness in document clearance and thereby helping customers to have the well demanded peace of mind while completing these important tasks which affect their life.

Our Mission

Our Mission at Thahseel is providing trustworthy services for our valuable customers who are coming to us for important document related services necessary for having a quality life and thereby producing happy customers.

Avoid Your Tention in Geting
Delay & Paying Fines

Why do you need to carry these huge pressures of having delay in your document related activities and thereby paying fines when you have our services to hire and have the well demanded peace of mind?

Our Core Values

Perfect and systematic

Trustworthy document clearance

Fast and easy to access

All government services at one place

Best professional service

Systematic follow up

Our Advantages

Business Set Up Services

Follow up , Avoid Getting Fines

Typing services of all type of visa process and govt online transactions

Professional C V making / resume creation

Words from the CEO

As we are living in the busy world and there are a lot of things to do at a time, we struggle to cope up with demand of doing things with quality and in the best way possible. The struggle and tension are immense if it is for something like document related tasks which are highly important for having a quality life and work for any individual.

We often struggle to do these importance things because of the lack of knowledge and experience in dealing with these tasks which result in tensions and losing peace of mind which further lead to delay in doing and paying fine as a result in some cases. Thahseel is yourone way solution for managing your all your document related services with quality professional assistance and systematic follow up to get things done on time and thereby having peace of mind.